To encourage women to live a life that honors God.   

          1st Corinthians 10:31

    To encourage, motivate and inspire women to live out their God-given potential.  

1 Timothy 4:15

    To encourage women to Emerge and Ignite.   

Matthew 5, 14-16


                                      Changed Life:

- To ensure that every woman is given the opportunity to have a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

 Sisters Keeper:

  Kingdom Culture:

- To foster an environment where love is the status quo.

- To cultivate an 'I am my sisters' keeper mentality. A heart that seeks to encourage or celebrate instead of competing.


- To encourage women to influence godly living in their areas of influence.



- Everything we do is Centred around Christ Jesus.


- Everything we do should display the Love of Jesus Christ.


- Everything we do should contain the element of care.


- Everything we do is unto God, therefore, we aim to do our best.